A person in greyscale stands at a window while it rains.

11 Important Tips for Anyone Considering Divorce

11 Tips for Anyone Considering Divorce If you feel your marriage is failing and you’re considering a split, consider the following tips. 1: Consult with a Family Lawyer as Soon as Possible Getting good legal advice is always a smart idea when entering into any complex venture. A divorce or separation is no different. High

Orange tabby sits between her two owners as they consider what do to with their pets in divorce.

Pets and Divorce in Florida: Current Law and National Trends

Pets in Divorce: Current Law and National Trends   Some say law follows culture, but incrementally. The hot button issue of pet custody in divorces is a fine example of the reluctance of the courts and the legislatures to recognize the extraordinary and dynamic relationship between owners and their pets that exists in today’s world.

Four children playing ball in a clearing surrounded by trees.

What are the Rights of Children in Divorce?

What are the Rights of Children in Divorce?   If you are going through a divorce, it’s important that you have a full understanding of your child’s rights. There are numerous variations of the Bill of Rights for children of divorce. Brodie Friedman wants to ensure your child is protected during and after the divorce

Two women speak to their lawyer about hiring a private judge to mediate their divorce proceedings in court.

Private Judges in Divorce

Private Judges in Divorce In the widely reported marital split of Jolie vs. Pitt, Angelina Jolie filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking the removal of private Judge John W. Ouderkirk. Jolie’s attorneys alleged that the Judge failed to disclose a conflict of interest.  Their case can be cited as the catalyst for

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