What to Tell Your Lawyer Before the Consultation

The biggest things that I ask clients about, or potential new clients about, tell me about your assets, your bank accounts, your retirement accounts, your, the real property that’s owned, automobiles, are they owned or leased, checking accounts, savings account, income, pay stubs, pay records, tax returns. We also ask about credit cards, other liabilities,

Military Pensions and Divorce in Florida

Military pensions come with unique rules. The Uniformed Service of Former Spouses Protection Act governs their division, allowing states to treat military pensions as marital or community property. Understanding the nuances can ensure fair distribution. For more information, please consult an experienced family law attorney.

Every Case is Different

Everyone’s case has a different fact pattern. All too often people say, “Well, my neighbor got this and my friend got that and my best friend was awarded the house. How come I’m not getting it?” The unfortunate part is those individuals may not know all of the facts of that particular person’s case and

IRAs: Distribution without QDRO

Unlike 401ks, IRAs don’t require a QDRO. However, proper documentation is essential to avoid tax implications. Typically, the divorce decree or separation agreement details, guide the division, ensuring that the transfer is labeled as incident to divorce. For more information, please contact an experienced family law attorney.

QRDO: The Key to Pension and 401k Division

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, known as QDROs, allow the retirement assets to be split and given to the ex-spouse without tax penalties. The details of a QDRO can be intricate, making it essential to ensure proper drafting to avoid unnecessary costs and taxes. For more information, please consult an experienced family law attorney.

Marital Settlement Agreements 101

Well, the marital settlement agreement would normally be entered into during the litigation process. There are some times where you can do a marital settlement agreement prior to litigation, but normally those are done also after full and frank disclosure. So the two agreements have some similarities, but there is a big difference. For example,

Will My Spouse Pay My Attorney’s Fees?

The process of divorce isn’t just about separating lives. It’s also about separating assets. One of the most overlooked and misunderstood assets is retirement accounts. In Florida, these accounts, when accumulated during the marriage, are usually considered marital assets and subject to equitable distribution. For more information, please consult an experienced family law attorney.

What Can’t Be in a Prenup?

So under Florida law, you, it is unenforceable if you say what happens with time sharing or parental responsibility or even child support for that matter, because the law says that those are areas that the court has to consider at the time of a divorce or separation, while you’re free to address any issues

Financial Planning Post-Divorce

Emerging from a divorce requires rebuilding and re-evaluating your financial plans. Whether it’s establishing a new budget, reassessing retirement goals, or setting up college funds for children, post-divorce financial planning is vital for a stable and secure future. It’s essential to consult with an experienced family law attorney when navigating the complexities of divorce, ensuring

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