Gay Adoption in Florida (2020)

LGBTQ Floridians who want to adopt have had a long and arduous legal and political battle. With the election of Joe Bident for President,  President Obama’s Order establishing Gays as a protected class will continue to be in force. Notwithstanding, the LGBTQ community continues to pressure both legislators and courts throughout the country to protect

High Asset Divorce

6 Key Issues in High Asset Divorces

Complex divorces, which usually include most high asset divorces, are especially difficult. We have set forth some of the areas where high asset divorce can be highly contentious. 1: Child Support Florida Statute, Section 61.30(6) determines the presumptive minimal support obligation based on income as set forth in the Child Support Guidelines However if the

Why COVID-19 is Causing a Spike in Divorce Rates

An official from the Chinese city of Xi’an, according to the Global Times, reported a significant spike in divorce applications, according to an article in The List. It is thought that this is likely due to couples being forced to shelter-in-place for an extended period of time in the Chinese city of Xi’an, where COVID-19

Florida Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Florida Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements Explained

In today’s blog post, we discuss the two types of nuptial agreements: prenuptial and postnuptial to help readers better understand what these agreements mean, what they protect, and when it is appropriate to enter into one. Prenuptial Agreements Prenuptial agreements, also called “premarital agreements” in Florida, are contracts between prospective spouses that determine how certain

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