Man speaks with his lawyer virtually to set up their case.

Representation at a Distance: The Rise and Benefits of Virtual Law

Representation at a Distance: The Rise and Benefits of Virtual Law This year has been hard to say the least. We’re in and out of quarantine, going back to work and staying home, sending our kids back to school and homeschooling all at once. Depending on where you are, restrictions could be tight, loose, or

A person holding a rainbow flag to celebrate same-sex marriage in Florida.

Celebrating Same-Sex Marriage in Florida

Celebrating Same-Sex Marriage in Florida Six years ago today, on August 21, 2014, a U.S. district court ruled Florida’s same–sex marriage ban unconstitutional. This was an exciting ruling for Florida’s LGBTQ community. It would be nearly half a year later, on January 6, 2015, that Florida would finally declare same-sex marriage legal. “Today’s decision decisively

Two children walk down a dark path in the woods, a metaphor for parents that possibly haven't paid for Florida child support.

7 Florida Child Support Myths Busted

7 Florida Child Support Myths Busted We’ve all attended a gathering, party, or event where someone believes they’re an expert on the law when, in reality, they’ve just watched a lot of crime TV. This is where myths about complicated issues like Florida child support are born. To help you avoid falling for any of

Father carrying his son on his shoulders, symbolizing that paternity matters.

Why Paternity Matters

Why Paternity Matters Nothing is more fundamental to a parent than the right to raise your own kids. However, until your paternity (fatherhood) is established under Florida law, no such right exists. Many people erroneously believe fatherhood is all about child support. However, there are a number of important reasons why establishing paternity in Florida

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