The Impact of Loans on Retirement Asset Division

If a spouse has taken out loans against their retirement account, it impacts the account’s value and divisions. Recognizing these loans and understanding the implications is vital to ensure a fair division. For more information, please consult an experienced family law attorney.

What Does a Lawyer Need in a Paternity Case?

For a paternity case, we would need to know each party’s income for purposes of calculating child support. We’d need to know each party’s assets and liabilities to see if attorney’s fees are an issue. And then we’d also need to know about the history of the child who typically took care of the child,

Public Employee Pensions: Special Considerations

Public employees, like teachers and law enforcement officers, have pensions governed by unique rules. A deep understanding of Florida’s regulations around these pensions can ensure that assets are divided justly and without unanticipated repercussions. For more information, please consult an experienced family law attorney.

What is “Actual Income”?

Obviously, there’s… everyone wants to know what “actual income” is and how to determine it. And obviously, as you stated, it’s a good point, are you self-employed? Are you a W2 employee? And why does it really matter? Because the numbers are based on a calculation. So we need to determine what each party’s income

What About the Pets?

What About the Pets?

When a couple decides to split up, one of the many difficult decisions they might face is who gets to keep their pet. Traditionally in Florida, pets are considered property in court cases, which means that judges treat them like any other piece of personal property such as furniture or a car. However, in recent

Brodie Friedman Open House

Wow! What a grand opening! We were thrilled and honored to have so many people in the community join us to celebrate the opening of our new headquarters. Thank you!

What Info Can I Give My Attorney at the Consult?

Basic information such as your name and the name of the other party. If you’re married, what was the date of your marriage? Do you have any children with the other party? Tell your attorney about yourself, your lifestyle, your job, your life at home, what made you decide to speak with an attorney. It

Should I Use Social Media During My Divorce?

If you could avoid using social media during your divorce, that is probably best. You can obviously post in your social media accounts, doing things with your children. Otherwise it’s best to avoid it. If you have more questions, I suggest you consult with an experienced family law attorney.

Do I Need to Serve My Spouse?

No, you do not need to serve them by a formal process server. There are other ways to do it in a more. Peaceful manner, such as having your attorney sent a letter to them saying that you filed and you want to them to accept the papers. You can also have your spouse hire

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