Shouldn’t I Get the Same Deal My Friend Got?

You cannot compare your case to a different case. Every case has different facts. No facts are the same. It depends on a variety of factors, the assets and liabilities, the income involved for alimony and child support purposes. Also people can settle out of court for certain things they cannot get in court. So

I Want a Divorce but My Spouse Doesn’t

If your spouse doesn’t want a divorce, but you do, you can still obtain one in Florida. That’s because Florida is a no-fault divorce state. That means you can obtain a divorce even if your spouse is opposed to it. You only need one of you to get a divorce in Florida. If you have

What About the Pets?

In Florida, pets are considered property. So it is handled in equitable distributions of assets. Now saying that, if you settle your case, you can make an agreement where arrangements can be made such as where the pet goes back and forth with the children. If you have more questions, I suggest you consult with

What is Timesharing?

Timesharing is formerly known as custody. It’s the time that each parent spends with the children there’s specific days and overnights and times designated for each parent. It also specifies which parents have time with the children on holidays and school breaks. If you have more questions, I suggest you consult with an experienced family

Who Else is Involved in My Case?

When you hire our firm, you are hiring our full firm as a whole. That includes an entire legal team of the partner associated to your case as well as paralegals. We often times also hire experts, such as forensic accountants or real property appraisers to appraise property, vocational evaluators or social investigators. It all

Do I Need to Serve My Spouse?

No, you do not need to serve them by a formal process server. There are other ways to do it in a more. Peaceful manner, such as having your attorney send a letter to them saying that you filed and you want to them to accept the papers. You can also have your spouse hire

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

There is no way to say how much a divorce will cost. It depends on many different things, such as the length of the divorce proceedings. What issues are involved? Are there children? Is there real property? Are there businesses involved that needs to be valued? It also depends on how reasonable the other party

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

No one can answer that question. If they do they aren’t being honest. It all depends on each person’s respective positions in the case. You never know if an issue arises where people take a strong stance whether it be with children issues or alimony. You can’t put a price on child issues so no

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