Record Keeping During the Divorce

If a party is going to use marital assets to pay for normal recurring living expenses during the divorce case, that they should probably keep an accounting and good records of all the money that they’ve used, how much they used and what the money was used for. So that in the event they need

Joshua Friedman: Certified Mediator

I am a Florida Supreme Court-certified FA mediator. I do mediations for lawyers. I also attend mediations as a lawyer for one of the parties. So I’ve been on both sides of the mediation table, both as a mediator and as a litigator, and I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of the mediation process in highly

Does Mediation Work?

Most cases are resolved through the mediation process. Most cases are resolved through the mediation process, given the cost of litigation and the uncertainty of taking a case to trial. While everyone believes that they are right and they’re going to win in trial, no one ultimately knows or can guarantee what a third-party judge

Pet Expenses and Alimony

I have to ask because for all, on behalf of all fur baby parents out there, I know we can’t include child-related expenses in alimony, but what about expenses for the pets? Is that an expense that the court might consider as a need? The court might consider pet expenses as a need if historically

How Does the Court Decide Alimony?

Well, essentially for a second home, the court will want to make sure that the expenses do not go in default, that there’s no mortgage arrears, that the utilities stay on and are properly maintained. With respect to alimony for the party, it’s really what is that spouse’s recurring monthly expenses? How much food do

Can I get Alimony if We Still Live Together?

If the parties are still living together, Jennifer, then generally I would think the court would at least order that the status quo be maintained. What is status quo? Status quo essentially means, You took my question from me. However, I knew you were going to go there, Jennifer. However, the parties typically paid their

Is Alimony Guaranteed?

Alimony may not be granted in every case, but what some of the variables an attorney would look at would be, what is each party’s income? What is each party’s recurring monthly expenses? What is each party’s monthly net deficit or monthly net surplus? If a party can pay their bills from their recurring income,

Can I Waive Temporary Alimony?

So in the state of Florida, parties cannot waive temporary support from the other party. Even if a prenuptial agreement says the parties waive all forms of alimony, including temporary alimony, the court still has the authority to award a party temporary alimony if it finds that one party has a need to receive and

Alimony During the Divorce

So there is an area in Florida called temporary alimony or alimony pendente lite, which is temporary alimony from one party to the other during the course of the divorce case. So if you’re in the middle of a divorce case, the party or the party’s attorney, if they’re represented can file a motion for

Asset Divison in Florida: An Equitable Distribution State

Florida operates on an equitable distribution principle when it comes to dividing marital assets and debts. This doesn’t mean a 50-50 split, but a fair division based on various factors. Understanding the distinction between marital and nonmarital assets and how the court assesses fairness can make a significant difference in your financial future post divorce.

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