What is Child Support Based on?

Child support in Florida is based upon statute. There are Florida support guidelines that calculate how child support is determined. When calculating the child support, they use the different party’s incomes and how many overnights each party is receiving in time sharing with the children. And there’s also a credit given for the payment of

Does Domestic Abuse Affect My Divorce?

Domestic violence is a very serious issue and could have an impact on your case for many reasons. It concerns issues regarding exclusive use and occupancy of the marital home parental responsibility and timeshare. For more help on this issue, please contact and experience family law attorney.

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Settlement Agreements What do I do?

If there is a proposed settlement agreement in front of you, whether a marital settlement agreement, paternity settlement agreement, post-judgment settlement agreement, we can’t stress enough to take the time and read every page. Even the boiler plate language because if you sign the agreement, you can be bound to its terms. Ask your attorney

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Top Three Things an Unmarried Father Must Know

The most important thing they need to know is that they have no legal rights to the child until paternity is established, even if the father is listed on the birth certificate. This includes access to the child, decisions for the child and where the child lives. However, your financial obligations to the child and

Top Three Things an Unmarried Mother Must Know

One is that she has full rights to make decisions for the child. Two, she needs to seek child support and potentially compensation for her medical expenses relating to the pregnancy. And three, the father can file a petition to establish paternity at any time. Establish a time sharing schedule and a parenting plan and

What is Alimony Based on?

Alimony is based on two different things. First, we have to look at the duration of the alimony, and second, we have to look at how much alimony is to be paid. How do we do that? Duration is based on the length of the marriage and the amount is based on the need of

When is the Best Time to File for Divorce?

There’s no hard rule on when it’s the best time to file for a divorce. If you have children, it’s been said that the best time might be before summer break, so that child’s school and your time sharing is not affected. However, if you don’t have children, or the marriage is simply irretrievably broken,

Help! My Spouse Won’t Talk to Me During these Proceedings

In cases involving children, the court determines what is in the best interest of the minor child, and that includes the ability to co-parent. Communication is the first step in co-parenting after separation. Communicating effectively about child-related issues may take time and practice. At the end of the day, if you cannot communicate, it is

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