Divorce Spike Likely Among Quarantined Couples

Divorce Spike Likely Among Quarantined Couples

Divorce Spike Likely Among Quarantined Couples

Is COVID-19 causing more people to file for divorce in Florida?

According to leading Florida-based law professionals, many Florida Family Law firms are reporting a spike, as high as 50% more than normal, in phone calls and virtual consultations from potential clients now considering divorce. As families settle into a reality of round-the-clock lockdown, troubled couples are beginning to reach out for help in order to weigh the possibility of even-greater “distancing” from their spouse.

The at-home effects of sheltering-in-place are being felt across all income lines too, proving that even life in a Boca Raton mansion can produce feelings of anger and resentment between partners. While the darkening effects of confinement are surely bringing some deep-seated issues to the surface of many relationships, there is another reason for the uptick in divorce inquiries: personal wealth. Namely, maintaining it.

With global markets dipping to record lows, and no clear promise of growth on the horizon, individuals of high net worth may seize this opportunity to divorce their spouse and negotiate a smaller settlement while the value of their marital assets are temporarily lower. Stress can bring out the best and worst in people, “All of sudden, couples who lead incredibly busy lives and maintain huge financial assets, are spending increased time together during a period of immense social and economic anxiety—many of them are also starting to realize their marriage has deteriorated significantly in recent years and is not equipped to handle an event like this.”

For the greater married population, a simple lack of space may incite arguing and feelings of resentment that have built up in the relationship over time. Historically, divorce filings often accompany economic stress within the family as well.

With court proceedings slowed down to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it’s far too early to tell whether all recently-inspired Florida Divorce Consultations will result in legal separation. Whether it is the first step or the final step toward divorce, achieving a favorable division of assets requires skilled legal counsel, one who can craft a legitimate case built around a picture of your sustained well-being.

This strategy requires that the attorney team not only protect your personal interests but remain aware of the larger picture. Brodie & Friedman, P.A. understand that the division of marital assets ultimately lies at the discretion of the court and is based on the evidence presented. That is why we have a proven legal strategy to ensure you get what you deserve in any contested divorce scenario.

COVID-19 Update: Brodie & Friedman P.A. are available for Virtual Consultation via computer, during the quarantine.

With over 30 years of combined experience, Jason Brodie Esq. and Joshua Friedman Esq. will guide you toward realistic goals and provide committed advocacy toward achieving them. They are known throughout South Florida for dedicated client service, tenacity, and success in complex divorce litigation involving property division, child custody, and spousal support. 

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