Does Coronavirus Pandemic Suspend Obligation To Pay Child Support & Alimony?

Does Coronavirus Pandemic Suspend Obligation To Pay Child Support & Alimony?

Does Coronavirus Pandemic Suspend Obligation To Pay Child Support & Alimony?

Given the current financial uncertainty brought on by the Novel Coronavirus, all parents are re-evaluating their financial picture to create some breathing room until things return to normal. For most, this begins with standard belt-tightening and budgeting for food and important household essentials—for some, this creates a picture of uncertainty regarding the continued ability to pay child support payments.

Layoffs and furloughs resulting from shelter-in-place mandates have put parents in an extremely difficult spot by limiting many individual’s abilities to make timely child support payments, while the needs of those dependent upon child support payments remain unchanged, while many now find themselves perhaps at greater risk.

Some fears have been temporarily allayed as mortgage companies defer payment up to two months in some cases. Unfortunately, there is no such governing body for child support. All authority for child support ruling lies with the courts, and temporary mandate must take place on a case by case basis.

The Florida Child Support Program is working to provide options for handling your child support case without visiting a local office. For the most up to date information, visit the Child Support Program COVID-19 page to learn more about these options.

Currently, there may also be new court or hearing requirements brought on by shelter-in-place, such as appearing telephonically before a court:

* If you are scheduled for a court hearing related to your child support case, please check with the local court where the hearing is scheduled.
* If you are scheduled for a hearing with the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) related to your child support case, please contact the DOAH clerk’s office at 850-488-9675 to be transferred to a judge’s assistant to determine if the hearing has been continued. Due to the COVID-19 virus, DOAH may have new requirements, such as appearing telephonically.

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