Defining Paternity, Child Support and Parental Rights

Defining Paternity, Child Support and Parental Rights

When a paternity action is brought, we work to ensure that both of the parents understand their separate responsibilities to the child or children involved. The parents both have a right to be an active part of their children’s lives along with a corresponding duty to support the children.

A question of paternity frequently arises in one of two ways: a man is attempting to establish his right to visitation or a woman who has given birth is trying to prove paternity to ensure that the correct child support order is created. No matter the situation, establishing parentage of a child not only gives parental rights to the proper father, but also ensures the proper father is given responsibility for child support.

DNA Testing

DNA testing technology has drastically improved in recent years. A quick and painless swab from the inside of the cheek can be the key to gaining access to a child or obtaining child support. A member of our firm can explain the DNA testing process and help you request that a test be performed. Once the court has established paternity, the related custody and child support matters can be dealt with.

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