5 Tips For Using Social Media During Your Divorce

5 Tips For Using Social Media During Your Divorce

If you are currently considering or going through a divorce, it would be wise to limit your social media use and consider temporarily disabling your accounts. If you absolutely must be on social media, here are five tips to follow.


1. Change Your Passwords

It is always good to change passwords to your email and social media accounts when going through a divorce. Even if you think your soon-to-be-ex doesn’t know your current passwords, change them. And be sure to choose a unique password that only you would know. This rule applies even if your divorce is amicable.

2. Disable Tagging

Don’t allow yourself to be tagged in inappropriate posts or photos.

Change the settings on your Facebook timeline so that whatever someone wants to publish on it isn’t visible until you check it. You can refuse the request if you don’t like it. You can disable tagging by following these steps:

  1. Log into Facebook.
  2. Navigate to “Settings & Privacy”
  3. Then select “Settings”
  4. Next select “Profile & Tagging”
  5. Under “Viewing & Sharing” select “Only Me”
  6. Under “Tagging” select “Only Me”
  7. Under “Reviewing” enable Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your profile?
  8. Under “Reviewing” enable Review tags people add to your posts before the tags appear on Facebook.

3. Avoid Making Comments of Any Kind About Your Ex on Social Media.

This is an extremely important rule to follow. Do not post anything whatsoever about your ex or your divorce. Even if you think the post is nice, don’t do it. Remember, better safe than sorry.

4. Be Careful of the Pictures You Post.

A picture says a thousand words. And, every photo you post on social media could be used against you in court. The last thing that you want is to have one picture or post ruin your case. Even if your account is set to private, pictures could be discoverable. Follow this rule strictly. Before you hit “Upload,” ask yourself, “Could this picture hurt my case?” If the answer is anything other than “No,” don’t post it.

5. Don’t Post About New Purchases 


Again, the social posts you publish could be used against you in your divorce case. If your social feed is full of lavish lifestyle posts, that could be seen as frivolous spending. If you’re hoping for alimony, your ex could make an argument that you don’t need it if you’re buying expensive toys or purchasing a new wardrobe.

If you’re considering a divorce, it’s best to speak with a Florida family law attorney about your case. No divorce is easy, but it’s possible to go through the divorce process without frustration or unnecessary expense.

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