13 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

13 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

13 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

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It isn’t uncommon for couples in marital matters to have second thoughts about your representation. However, it’s important to distinguish between dissatisfaction with the law, which is widespread in these cases, and dissatisfaction with your attorney.

Remember, the attorney works for you and must explain the law and the procedures of the court to you sufficiently so that you can make wise decisions along the way. A good lawyer listens patiently, and a good client pays close attention to what the attorney says. But, if you aren’t happy, you have every right to seek new counsel.

Here are thirteen signs that you might have hired the wrong legal team:

1: Does your attorney listen to you and provide you with clear options and choices under the law?

It is essential that your attorney clearly represents your interests and understands your position. Serious decisions and choices must be made during this potentially lengthy process.

2: Does your attorney return your calls?

This is one of the most common complaints people have about their divorce attorneys. If your attorney is too busy to communicate with you, they are too busy to take your case.

3: Does your attorney take the time to explain the law and procedures?

This can be the most time consuming and difficult part of good representation. The law is complicated and it takes a seasoned practitioner to explain it. Don’t accept the “trust me” approach some lawyers love to use.

4: Does your attorney have competent and sufficient staff?

If you observe your legal counsel and/or their office to be inadequately staffed, your case will suffer. If your calls are not being returned or you are not receiving copies of correspondence or pleadings, that’s an indication that something is amiss.

5: Does your attorney appear to be disorganized?

Have you seen their office? Have you seen them in court? What do their papers and exhibits look like? What about their trial notebook? Disorganization is often a telltale sign of other underlying problems.

6: Is your attorney too busy and/or often late?

Punctuality is key. Judges don’t like to wait. Other parties and their attorneys don’t like to wait. Even in the best of situations, there is a lot of waiting in the legal system. You certainly don’t want to be penalized in court for a bad first impression. Nor should you wait for an hour at the attorneys’ office.

7: Does your attorney treat you with respect?

Arrogance is a sign of insecurity. Plus, it doesn’t translate well in court. A high net worth divorce attorney that disrespects their client is either in the wrong business or has been in the business too long. Beware of the arrogant attorney.

8: Does your attorney provide you with all court documents and correspondence?

This should be obvious, failure to do so can have disastrous results for the client.

9: Does your attorney guarantee results?

No matter how you try to dress it up, litigation can be a nasty business. Anyone who tells you they never lost a case never tried a difficult one. Run, don’t walk, from any attorney who is confident to the point of bluster.

On the other hand, watch out for the lawyer that settles every case. Some things are worth fighting for and you want someone who is willing to do so if necessary.

10: Is your high net worth divorce attorney familiar with ADR?

In our modern age, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is foremost on the mind of today’s’ judges. Your attorney should carefully explain the ADR process to you because this approach can help you avoid costly and wasteful litigation, especially when children are involved.

11: Is your attorney enthusiastic?

Enthusiasm can trump experience any day. While it may be difficult to gauge outwardly, your attorney must be fully engaged with your case. Don’t trade enthusiasm for experience. Try to get both.

12: Is there a personality conflict?

“Why can’t we all just get along?” Unfortunately, not everyone gets along. This can certainly be the case when it comes to the relationship you have with your legal representation. If you find it too hard to even be in the same room as your attorney, it might be time to make a switch. There are lots of attorneys out there.

13: Unethical Conduct

If you suspect your attorney has engaged in any unethical practices, you can either contact the Bar Association or you can check out the link provided for guidance. You don’t want your attorney to taint your case.

Divorces are not pleasant. Oftentimes, divorce results in a substantial loss of economic status for both parties, loss of mutual friends, and society, seeing less of the kids. Getting rid of a good attorney for the wrong reason can backfire, so proceed carefully and examine whether you are mad at your ex, the court, the law, or your attorney before you shoot yourself in the foot.

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