Kelly Clarkson Files to Restore her Name

Kelly Clarkson Files to Restore her Name

Of the several issues reported on the Clarkson/Blackstock divorce, Clarkson’s request to restore her name was on the top of some list. Most petitions for divorce, regardless of jurisdiction, have a box to check if a spouse wants to restore their prior name. Name restoration is also routinely addressed in any prenuptial and separation agreement

Last names have been deeply connected to one’s identity within the larger group and culture throughout history. Names identified family, clan, profession, place of birth, and lineage. Fighting to restore one’s name is a common story theme in all cultures throughout history. Christianity views slander on par with murder – murder the reputation and murder the person’s place in the community. In Asian culture, losing face could lead to suicide. Names carry weight. 

There may be excellent reasons to retain your name after divorce. 

For example:

  1. It may be more convenient to maintain a consistent identity.
  1. You may want to continue to have the same last name as your children.
  1. Changing your name back can be a serious and expensive hassle.
  1. Your married name may carry prestige.
  1. Business reasons.

Notwithstanding these reasons, many women want to make a clean break and transition to a new life.

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