Child Support & COVID-19: 3 Questions Answered

Child Support & COVID-19: 3 Questions Answered

Child Support & COVID-19: 3 Questions Answered

We at Brodie & Friedman understand that navigating life around COVID-19 has been immensely difficult, especially when it comes to child support payments. This is true for those who have felt the economic pressures created by the pandemic, and those whose co-parents have felt the pinch. 

In today’s article, we answer three of the most common questions we’ve received around COVID-19 and child support.

1: Can I Reduce My Child Support Due to COVID19?

In Florida, a loss of employment or involuntary decrease of income is considered valid grounds for reducing the amount of payments. However, if you experience an economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your existing support order will continue to charge at the ordered amount until there is a court order that either modifies or terminates it.

If you are the child payor and have lost employment or have had your income decrease significantly due to COVID-19, you should contact a Family Law attorney immediately to discuss filing a Motion for Modification of Child Support.

2: How Can Parents Handle Cases Without Visiting Local Child Support Offices?

At this time, all Florida child support offices are closed to the public until further notice. Don’t worry, this does not mean you are unable to file motions or modifications with the court. Family Law courts provide alternative options to handle routine activities, including handling the request for the modification of payment.

3: If Approved, When Will My Payments Be Reduced?

It is important not to delay the filing of a modification petition. The court has the authority to modify your alimony or child support obligation retroactive to the date of filing of the petition for modification. So, make sure to file as soon as possible.

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