Understanding Child Support & Parenting Plans In Florida

Understanding Child Support & Parenting Plans In Florida

Supporting Your Child After A Divorce

Divorce is, for many, one of the most emotionally challenging times in life. Yet the legal proceedings and court appearances involved with divorcing a spouse may feel like a small inconvenience when compared with the long-term outcome of a hasty decision made during a child support settlement. You and your ex-spouse are responsible for raising your children, regardless of what changes in your life. No parent should suffer because they’re unaware of options such as Post-Judgement Modification or don’t understand the laws to get their Child Support appropriately enforced.

Parenting Plan Explained

Florida passed the Parenting Planning Law in 2008. With the best interest of every child in mind, this law was enacted to discourage divorcing parents from arguing over visitation rights and child custody and encourage the creation of a plan that allows both parties involved to share the responsibility of raising and supporting their child. This law has a significant impact on families going through a divorce, yet is often overlooked, or not thought of, when parents file for divorce. A lack of understanding and awareness of this law is common and can lead to one parent overcommitting or agreeing to responsibilities beyond their means or schedule. Fortunately, preparing for this step in your divorce is reasonably straightforward with the proper resources and council. Marital and Family Practice Attorneys like Brodie & Friedman P.A. prepare and advise you through this process every step of the way.

Florida Child Support Explained

In Florida, how much Child Support you are owed, or owe, is initially determined by calculating the aggregate income between the parents and the amount of parental time-sharing each parent enjoys. Being told when you can see your children or assessing the financial impact you have on their lives is not easy. It’s an incredibly difficult part of the divorce process that will have lasting implications on you and your child’s life. Failing to prepare for your Child Support Hearing is the worst thing you can do. It may limit the time you spend with your children and lead to unfair child support payments. Taking steps to prepare for this complex time in your divorce settlement requires an investment of time and energy up front, but the long-term stability is well worth any short-term hardship.

Understanding A Post-Judgement Modification of Child Support

Right when you and your ex-spouse settle into a routine with your current Parenting Plan, something may change that calls for a post-judgment modification of child support or parenting plan. The two most common reasons for modification are a parent’s increased or decreased income, and changes in childcare or healthcare needs. To avoid wasting time, money, and energy, it’s essential that you understand the current court orders whether you’re contesting a modification or requesting one. Contacting an attorney with experience in Family Law is an excellent option as they can review your modification to ensure it will go through or, in the case of contesting modification, strike it down the first time.

Getting Your Child Support Enforced

Not being paid your child support is unfair to you and your child. If your ex-spouse is not paying their child support, they are taking money out of your pocket and food from your child’s plate. Unfortunately, confronting this issue almost always makes it worse. Arguments escalate, calls go unanswered, messages ignored, and eventually, you’re left defeated and angry, which is the last thing you or your children need. The most common mistake people make is trying to deal with this problem without trained arbitrators. Child Support Enforcement is a fight that needs to be made in court and with the help of a Marital and Family Lawyer who will fight for your rights and will petition the court to enforce the support orders.

Find A Family Court Judge That’ll Grant Your Modification

Unlike who gets the dishware or the television in a divorce, child support and a parenting plan are the part of the separation that demand you maintain an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse for as long as you’re responsible for your child. Seeking professional council like a Child Support Lawyer not only simplifies a complicated and often messy part of the divorce, it ensures your children will benefit from the knowledge of a trained professional.

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