Can I Change My Judge Mid-Divorce?

The short answer is probably not. This can happen under certain circumstances though. For example, if a judge appears to be no longer impartial or if a conflict of interest arises. If you have more questions, I suggest you consult with an experienced family law attorney.

Can I Change My Attorney Mid-Divorce?

Yes, you can. It’s fairly easy to change your attorney during the divorce process if you’re not happy with their services. It’s important to have an attorney that advocates for you, listens to what you want, and that has the legal knowledge. So if you don’t feel you have that, then yes, you can change

How Does Hiring an Attorney Differ From Just Using the Forms Online?

The forms online are very generic. They don’t, they aren’t tailored to help you with specific issues that are going on. They don’t apply to everyone. So while you don’t need an attorney we always recommend you speak to an attorney to understand your rights. If you have more questions, I suggest you consult with

Can I Kick My Spouse Out of the House?

There are certain circumstances in which you can get your spouse can obtain exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence. One way is if there is a domestic violence case and you obtain a temporary or permanent restraining order. It can also be achieved through a temporary relief hearing in the family court case

Do I Need to Serve My Spouse?

No, you do not need to serve them by a formal process server. There are other ways to do it in a more. Peaceful manner, such as having your attorney sent a letter to them saying that you filed and you want to them to accept the papers. You can also have your spouse hire

What About the Pets?

Our pets are our family, but in Florida, pets are considered property, so we handle it an equitable distribution of assets. Now saying that if you settle your case, you can always agree where the pet can go and go back and forth with the child, can stay with one party or the other various

Can I Use Someone Else’s Divorce Documents and Change the Names?

No. Most cases have different differences. Other than names. There’s the date of marriage, the length of the marriage. How many children are involved? The different incomes of each party. There’s no way one divorce compares to the other. The relief that you’re seeking may be different from your friends. If you have more questions,

What Does Family Law Mean Beyond Divorce?

Family law is more than just dissolution of marriage. There is also paternity cases. There’s post-judgment issues such as enforcement or modifications of child support and alimony. There is domestic violence and we also handle prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements. If you have more questions, I suggest you consult with an experienced family law attorney.

I Want a Divorce but My Spouse Doesn’t

If your spouse doesn’t want a divorce, but you do, then you’re able to obtain one. Florida’s a no-fault divorce state. So you can obtain the divorce, even if you’re a spouse, as opposed to it. You only need one party to want the divorce. If you have more questions, I suggest you consult with

We Can Get a Form Online. Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Well, the forms online are simple and easy to fill out. You may not understand the legal significance of the forms you’re filling out. They also might be too generic and not apply to the issues. In your case, you need to get advice with particular issues in your case that the forms don’t explain

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