Kelly Clarkson Prenup Upheld

Kelly Clarkson Prenup Upheld

Kelly Clarkson’s prenuptial agreement was upheld in her divorce of Brandon Blackstock. We previously spotlighted an interview with Clarkson discussing how she used her songwriting talents to cope with the challenges of her split. Blackstock challenged the prenup that reportedly segregated the assets and income derived during the marriage. Blackstock wanted to split their accumulated properties, including a Montana ranch where he now lives, and her income during the marriage.


Clarkson was issued a temporary order that required her to pay alimony and support to Blackstone, amounting to around $200,000.00 per month. With this order, she will pay much less. Child support is estimated to be $50,000.00, and Clarkson earns about $1.5 million each month. She was awarded primary custody of her two children for logistical reasons. Blackstock did have a win when the judge ordered Clarkson to pay his legal fees and court costs.


There’s still more legal issues to be resolved as Clarkson is seeking to restore her name. The order is expected to go into effect upon settlement of the property division, terminating the temporary order.


It is not surprising that Blackstone failed to overturn the prenup. Unless the judge finds an agreement to be extraordinarily unfair, to the point of being unconscionable, it will be enforced. In Florida, a prenuptial agreement must also be in writing, notarized, and voluntary. Of course, there has to be an actual marriage.


Although Blackstone will receive about half of what he is was looking for, he is leaving the entertainment industry to pursue ranching. The takeaway, this case highlights the importance of retaining competent counsel to negotiate a comprehensive, fair, and enforceable agreement artfully. Let us help you.



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