Florida Divorce Planning Checklist ✔️

Florida Divorce Planning Checklist ✔️

Is a divorce in your future? If you’re anticipating the end of your marriage, we recommend starting a Divorce Planning Checklist. Divorce is complicated, emotional, and confusing. Being prepared can make the process less complicated. To help you get started with your Divorce Planning Checklist, here are some ✔️ we recommend you include:


✔️ Carefully Consider Your Options


Divorce will almost always reshape life in significant ways. There are many things to consider; what happens to the marital assets, who gets the pets, what co-parenting will look like, and the list goes on. As you plan your divorce think carefully about the many changes in your life and start making plans and considering your options. The more prepared you are, the easier the transition will be.


✔️Identify Your Support System


Divorce is a journey, one more easily navigated with a strong support system.


✔️Address Your Social Media Presence


Everything you post to social media is fair game when it comes to divorce. What you post, comment and share can (and likely will) be used as evidence throughout your divorce. If you absolutely must remain on social media, read our article outlining five must-follow tips for using social media while divorcing.


✔️Understand the Florida Court System


Before you begin the divorce process, take some time to understand the playing field. Knowledge is power, and you’ll feel empowered when you know how the court system in Florida works when it comes to divorces.


✔️ Close Joint Accounts


Setting up separate accounts and shutting joint accounts is a wise way to handle post-divorce financial concerns.


✔️Establish Your Own Credit


Before you divorce, take the necessary steps to establish your credit. If you wait until the divorce papers are filed, the process can be more complex and time-consuming.


✔️ Have Paperwork Ready. 


There’s a lot of information you’ll need to gather when planning to divorce. This includes personal information, financial documents, and information about your businesses and/or assets.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll need:

Personal Information


✔️Full name, date of birth, and social security number


✔️Social Security cards and birth certificates for you, your spouse, and any minor children


✔️Marriage license


✔️All marriage or divorce-related legal agreements between you and your spouse. These agreements include:






✔️Death certificate of prior spouse


✔️Records related to previous marriages, including court decrees and divorce judgments


✔️Employment contracts


✔️Proof of income, including


Financial Documents


✔️Tax returns yourself and your spouse going back three years


✔️Pay stubs for both you and your spouse, including records of any overtime or bonuses, W-2 and 1099 forms


✔️Bank statements or joint checking, savings or money-market accounts, as well as records of CDs


✔️Brokerage account statements


✔️Retirement account statements, including 401(k)s and IRAs


✔️Insurance policies including, life, health, auto, and homeowners


✔️Loan documents, bank statements, and credit card statements, including records related to mortgages and vehicle loans


✔️Leases for any property you rent


✔️Household budget and/or documentation for essential monthly items such as food, utilities, education, clothing, gas, entertainment, and other household expenses


Assets You Own


✔️Copies of the titles or loan statements for vehicles, including cars and boats


✔️Documents describing any property or land owned by either party


✔️A list of valuables


✔️A list of items stored in safe-deposit boxes


Businesses You Own


✔️Corporate or business tax returns going back three years


✔️Profit and loss statements


✔️Balance sheets


✔️Financial statements


✔️Corporate records and minute books, including the articles of incorporation and bylaws


✔️Partnership agreements


✔️Shareholder agreements


✔️Credit card statements and records


✔️Insurance policies




✔️Deeds, mortgages, leases, and other real estate interests held by the business


✔️ Hire an Experienced Legal Team 

The right legal team is critical when it comes to divorce. If your divorce involves high assets, you’ll want to hire a family law practice specializing in high net worth divorces. After identifying candidates, take time to prepare for your first meeting with your new legal team.


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