Protecting Children From Conflict in Divorce

Co-Parenting post-divorce is no easy task. Whenever possible, we recommend parents carefully develop a parenting plan together to reduce tension and conflict in the family. Parental conflict hurts children. Parents need to establish a safe and healthy co-parenting relationship.   The best way to avoid conflicts is to develop a parenting plan that spells out

Common Law Marriage in Florida

Common Law Marriage in Florida Prior to January 1, 1968 Common-law marriage in Florida is a union never formally registered with the State. In simple terms, no official ceremony occurred, or no marriage certificate was issued. Instead, parties agree to be married and would be a married couple by all outward appearances. It’s important to

Kelly Clarkson Files to Restore her Name

Of the several issues reported on the Clarkson/Blackstock divorce, Clarkson’s request to restore her name was on the top of some list. Most petitions for divorce, regardless of jurisdiction, have a box to check if a spouse wants to restore their prior name. Name restoration is also routinely addressed in any prenuptial and separation agreement. 

Divorce Filings On The Rise As Courts Reopen

The  New York Times reported that divorce filings are rising as the courts reopen, citing the Superior Court of California, where filings have grown substantially in L.A. county during the previous five months compared to 2020. Lawyers confirm similar trends in New York, Florida, and other states.  Some lawyers have reported an increase of more than 20

Florida Divorce Planning Checklist ✔️

Is a divorce in your future? If you’re anticipating the end of your marriage, we recommend starting a Divorce Planning Checklist. Divorce is complicated, emotional, and confusing. Being prepared can make the process less complicated. To help you get started with your Divorce Planning Checklist, here are some ✔️ we recommend you include:   ✔️

Kelly Clarkson Prenup Upheld

Kelly Clarkson’s prenuptial agreement was upheld in her divorce of Brandon Blackstock. We previously spotlighted an interview with Clarkson discussing how she used her songwriting talents to cope with the challenges of her split. Blackstock challenged the prenup that reportedly segregated the assets and income derived during the marriage. Blackstock wanted to split their accumulated

The Positive Side of Divorce

It’s easy to think of all the negative things associated with the word “divorce.” Sadness, frustration, anger, and confusion are often words easily associated with the end of a marriage. However, there are some important positive outcomes that come with divorce. In today’s article, we share six important outcomes that come with divorce. 1. A

Planning Vacations, School Breaks, Holidays, and Long Weekends

Do you leave the state when you vacation? Are there certain holidays that hold special meaning for one side of the family? What about summer vacation? Is there an out-of-state relative that expects to see the kids during school breaks? Then there are those holiday weekends that can wreak havoc upon the usual schedule. It

Back Again? Pitt v. Jolie

It didn’t take long for another chapter of the ongoing divorce drama, Pitt v. Jolie. Pitt has been seeking a modification of a previous order that granted Jolie sole custody. Their privately chosen judge, John Ouderkirk, agreed with Pitt after hearing and modified the existing order granting Brad joint custody. During the proceedings, Jolie’s attorneys filed a motion

The Decision Is in Pitt vs. Jolie

We have been following the Pitt vs. Jolie divorce, and the decision is in. According to an article published in the U.S. Sun, Brad Pitt successfully modified the previous custody order and won joint custody of his six children. Pitt was quoted as describing the litigation as a nightmare and is happy it is behind him. Now Pitt

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