The History of Prenuptial Agreements

As a follow-up to our recently published article on nuptial agreements in Florida, here’s a look into the history of what many erroneously believe is a modern invention.   Marital contracts, also referred to as prenuptial agreements, date back to ancient Egypt. One of the earliest known prenups is over 2,000 years old. These written

Legal Separation in Florida

No one enters into a marriage with the expectation that it will end. However, people and circumstances change over time, and a once-thriving marriage may find itself in turmoil. When this occurs, often couples will decide to pursue separation before filing for divorce. Legal separation in Florida occurs when a married couple ends cohabitation and

Divorce Book Recommendations: Finances

In today’s post, we’re sharing a list of books designed to help men and women navigate complicated financial challenges that arise throughout the divorce process. If you’re concerned about your finances, each of the following books should be added to your reading list right away! Divorce and Your Money: How to Avoid Costly Divorce Mistakes

Divorce Book Recommendations For Men

“Divorce is a process, not an event.”   – Unknown In the third post of our divorce book recommendations series, we’re sharing books written specifically for men who are considering, or currently going through, a divorce or separation. Let’s get started! The Real Man’s Guide To Divorce by James Brien     Why this book: 

Divorce Book Recommendations For Women

“I used to hope that you’d bring me flowers. Now I plant my own.”  Rachel Wolchin In the second of a series of divorce book recommendations, today’s article focuses on books written for women who are going through a divorce. If you’re a woman going through a divorce we recommend you add the following five

Divorce Book Recommendations: Considering Divorce

“In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.” — John F. Kennedy. There’s no arguing; divorce is a time ripe with turbulence and change. Preparing for turbulence and change by arming yourself with professional information, warnings, guidance, and first-hand knowledge will empower you to make intelligent

Protecting Children From Conflict in Divorce

Co-Parenting post-divorce is no easy task. Whenever possible, we recommend parents carefully develop a parenting plan together to reduce tension and conflict in the family. Parental conflict hurts children. Parents need to establish a safe and healthy co-parenting relationship.   The best way to avoid conflicts is to develop a parenting plan that spells out

Common Law Marriage in Florida

Common Law Marriage in Florida Prior to January 1, 1968 Common-law marriage in Florida is a union never formally registered with the State. In simple terms, no official ceremony occurred, or no marriage certificate was issued. Instead, parties agree to be married and would be a married couple by all outward appearances. It’s important to

Kelly Clarkson Files to Restore her Name

Of the several issues reported on the Clarkson/Blackstock divorce, Clarkson’s request to restore her name was on the top of some list. Most petitions for divorce, regardless of jurisdiction, have a box to check if a spouse wants to restore their prior name. Name restoration is also routinely addressed in any prenuptial and separation agreement. 

Divorce Filings On The Rise As Courts Reopen

The  New York Times reported that divorce filings are rising as the courts reopen, citing the Superior Court of California, where filings have grown substantially in L.A. county during the previous five months compared to 2020. Lawyers confirm similar trends in New York, Florida, and other states.  Some lawyers have reported an increase of more than 20

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