Retirement Accounts and Divorce

Dividing retirement accounts can be complex due to tax implications and potential penalties. Whether it’s a 401k, an IRA, or a pension plan, you need to understand these are assets that aren’t going to be evaluated and divided to ensure a secure financial future. For more information, please consult an experienced family law attorney.

Who Pays for Private School?

So private school payments are not considered in base child support, private school tuition and related expenses through high school graduation are considered a luxury. There are a certain set of facts that the court can consider whether it should order a child to attend or stay in private school, such as, is the private

Divorce and Your Home: To Sell or Not to Sell

The marital home is often the most significant asset in a divorce. Deciding whether to sell it, have one spouse buy out the other, or to continue co-owning it, are decisions fraught with both emotional and financial implications. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons with a clear head and sound advice. For more

Who Pays for Uncovered Medical Expenses?

So those expenses are going to be split pro rata between the parties. Pro Rata means how much is one parent’s net income as combined to the total net income of the parties. So if their net income is $100,000 and one parent makes $80,000 net, the other parent makes $20,000 a year net. That

What is PEACE?

You want peace, but peace is an acronym you need to know as part of your dissolution of marriage action, and even in a paternity action. These are factors a court must consider in your case, and in the order the court must consider them. P is Parenting Plan, including issues such as time-sharing, parental

High Income & Child Support

So there are situations where a parent can file a motion to deviate from the child support guidelines based on the good fortune of one parent. So if the child support guidelines is exceptionally high and it far exceeds the needs of the child, that parent would ask for a deviation and ask for certain

Alimony: Types and Determining Factors

Alimony or spousal support is designed to help a financially disadvantaged spouse maintain a similar standard of living post-divorce. Florida recognizes several types of alimony, each designed for specific circumstances. Factors like the marriage length, each spouse’s financial situation, and more can influence alimony decisions. For more information, please consult an experienced family law attorney.

Will Timesharing Affect Child Support?

One of the other questions a lot of individuals often ask is will the amount of time that I spend or my spouse or partner spends with the child, how does that factor into child support? And then we explain to them the different types of methodologies versus the gross-up formula. If someone is spending

What is Parental Responsibility?

Parental responsibility is who makes the major decisions for children, such as their health and education. There are two types of parental responsibility in Florida. There are shared parental responsibility and sole parental responsibility. You may also hear shared parental responsibility with ultimate decision-making authority as another option. Florida statutes recently changed on this issue,

Do My Expenses Matter with Child Support?

One of the main questions people ask about child support is, do my expenses matter? Does it matter the clothes I buy for my child or the cost of the shoes for the child? What about haircuts? And we have to explain to them that child support is an income-based formula, not an expense-based formula.

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